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We appreciate your interest to contribute to our site. We are new, we are growing and we are people who love travel and share the experience with like-minded people with big wanderlust. Guest posts and contributors provide us and our readers with opinions in a different perspective that is different from our own.


This is the place where we gather great travel-related – tips, tricks, trip reports and nomad lifestyle resources so other readers can greatly benefit from them. We ensure that this information is genuine, well-researched articles. If you think you can contribute the same, go ahead and read further!





Since you are keen to have a useful article featured, read these friendly instructions before you make the first request;





  • Original Content  – The article should be from your own experiences and knowledge. Research and find out if any similar topic has been posted on this site.


  • Spelling, Grammar & Formatting – Should be written in correct grammar, spelling and well formatted.


  • Length of ArticleA minimum of 400 but no more than 1200 words. Your own unique content. No spun-off articles from elsewhere.


  • Photos – Submit together with a minimum of 3 related photos. Photos either your own (copyrighted) or with CC0 license.




Be relevant


We are travel feature site to help other travelers interested reading content similar to that niche. We can’t publish content that isn’t related to the travel industry. We do post some inspirational posts about general lifestyle but it shouldn’t be out of the topic – away from the interest of our readers which is mainly in the travel niche.


Be transparent


Be proud of who you are and what you do. We are happy to link to your own work but be transparent about your background.


Be Unique


Everybody loves unique content and a genuine write-up from your experiences or research can be compelling and built readers trust. This is primarily for copyright reasons and we want to provide our reader with unique content to read.




We strive to bring only useful and beneficial content for our readers in the travel industry. Contents that bring values while planning a trip, savings idea, suggestion of itinerary, real experiences of your past travels is what we look for.





We don’t prefer any posts that are 100% promotional about the author’s business or someone’s else; something that reads like an ad, though we are happy to promote writers or other companies based on their personal experience and recommendation that provides readers new insights rather than act like a solid advertorial content.





  • You will get to display your permanent profile with contacts as one of our author. You can be our regular or semi-regular contributor. Links back to your site (if any)


  • If your article gains traction and becomes the most read – we provide cash rewards/giveaway.



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