Hike Virtually On The World’s Highest Mountain

Hike Virtually On The World's Highest Mountain
Hike Virtually On The World’s Highest Mountain


“It’s so beautiful… Magnificent…” – words suddenly churns out, when someone had that 1 million dollar view – a heart-pounding moment, standing on the highest peak of a mountain and sees the epic world around them. Some mountains indeed, are God’s greatest creation that never cease to amaze people from around the world.


I think almost everyone appreciates the nature and the beauty of some the great mountain around the world. Even if you are not an avid hiker, you probably has heard of mountains like K2, Lhotse, Makalu or Annapurna – they are among the highest mountain in the world after Mt.Everest, the highest peak in the world known to man.


Scaling them is no small defeat, and that no one should take them for granted. There have been numerous expeditions documented in the past, with experts and avid climbers scaled these profound mountain and unfortunately, some met death in the final task of capturing the peak of the mountain. Like Mt.Everest – it’s a deadly one to climb even for the fittest person on the earth.


We definitely have seen number beautiful pictures taken by numerous climbers – pictures from the base of the trek and also those awe-inspiring shots when they successfully reached the top. It’s been some of the most inspiring photos to look at how beautiful yet dangerous these mountains are – all this a phenomenal creation of the Mother Earth.


Hike Virtually – Dream to Reality


If someone ever gave a chance to scale the Mt.Everest or any other highest mountain in the world, it will be one of the biggest feat and a lifetime experience for anyone – but, we all know about the cost and most importantly if you ever be fit enough and capable to feat that peak of the world. No easy task.


So for now, and most of us, it’s still a dream – far from becoming reality.


You possibly can’t hike in real, but what if you could virtually hike them similar to the actual mountain surface? Though it’s not how you feel in real life, you could explore what has been similarly crafted out from the actual mountain shape and surfaces.


Recently, I bumped into an interesting site designed by a French developer, with a virtual 3D map of 14 highest mountain in the world including Mt.Everest. What’s really piqued my interest is you could actually drag, scale, rotate and zoom to a beautifully 3D rendered model of the actual mountain!


Hike Virtually On The Worlds Highest Mountain
Explore all 14 Highest Mountains In The World


The visualization is pretty amazing (though not as real as it looks), you could even toggle the summit trek on the mountain, showing the hiking path all the way to the summit. There is even a short note about the history of the mountain, the first expedition and who first reached the summit.


This French developer has definitely put an enormous effort to render the 3D image of the 14 highest mountains in the world. From the news source, it is said that he had actually extracted every geo-coordinate from google map and generated the 3D model of the mountains.


Hike Virtually On The Worlds Highest Mountain
Explore the immense 3D generated mountain with trek details


Indeed, a great idea as it can be used by climbers to plot their treks during the hike or plan a trek before the hike, and also could be used to assist search and rescue rangers in finding victims or injured crew from hiking expedition.


It seems that the site is developed as an experiment to explore the mountain in the 3D realm, I could see there is more opportunity in future with more realistic, better visualization and with the use of VR gear that could take it to a whole new level.


The possibilities are endless with the dawn of the ever changing technology.


Explore the 3D generated, World Highest Mountains here






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