How to Earn Hidden Discount on Interislander Ferry Before Traveling to New Zealand

How to Earn Hidden Discount on Interislander Ferry Before Traveling to New Zealand
How to Earn Hidden Discount on Interislander Ferry Before Traveling to New Zealand


If you ever plan traveling to New Zealand, known as the Land Of The Long White Cloud, you should not miss the epic ferry crossing from North Island to South Island, or vice versa. This beautiful crossing is well known among its locals and often leave many tourists speechless with the serene beauty from the famous 92 km crossing on The Cook Strait.


It is one of most magnificent ferry ride I have ever taken while traveling in New Zealand, and if you plan to visit both islands, I would highly suggest you experience the ferry crossing. I have also written a full review with detailed tips and advice about my Interislander Ferry Experience in my previous article. You may want to read that read first.


So now, what about the hidden discount? You should probably reckon that’s a bit misleading and sounds fishy, something like click-bait to scam you into something – but literally, it’s nothing like that, what I explain here comes from my real experience – as a traveler myself, I wanted to share this experience and help you save on your travel expense. That’s my absolute goal.


How to Earn Hidden Discount on Interislander Ferry Before Traveling to New Zealand
Standing on the First Deck of The Interislander Ferry


When visiting New Zealand on your next vacation, be sure to experience the ferry crossing through the Cook Strait, between Wellington and Picton. Getting an extra travel saving tips definitely favors anyone, and if you are planning to book Interislander Ferry, use this advice on How to Earn Hidden Discount on Interislander Ferry Before Traveling to New Zealand.


Reap That Hidden Discount


If you are yet to be in New Zealand but have already planned your travel in New Zealand, including the ferry booking for the Cook strait Crossing – note that there is a hidden discount that you could only get if you are booking from New Zealand or Australia.


Since you are booking them earlier and outside New Zealand, if you intend to book online from their site, you will be able to enjoy the discount rate. But here is the thing – I found out that if you mask your location while doing the online booking from their site, you can earn that discount too.


The discount on the Interislander site known as Web Saver. Like I said earlier, if you are in your home country and planning your travel itinerary including booking for the ferry, you will not be able you earn that discount.


How Do I Get It?


Here’s how you can get it.


Using proxy/VPN with New Zealand/Australian IP address will allow you to access their Web Saver booking online. I am sure many of you know how to work with proxy or VPN while browsing the internet, but if you don’t – do read my article first about advanced flight hacks where I have explained in detail how to set a proxy or use a free VPN.


Below is an example of how using proxy/VPN allows you to use their Websaver booking option while being outside of New Zealand.




-Booking page without Websaver Price (not using proxy)




Booking page with Web Saver Option (using New Zealand proxy)


When you note the difference, you can save about $9 compared to Saver Change. The Saver Change option is the lowest you can book if you are doing it while accessing their site outside New Zealand.


There is only one difference between all these price options with Web Saver, Saver Change, and Easy Change. That is the refund policy during cancellation. If you booked the priciest option (Easy Change) you will get a full refund when you make the cancellation.


Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend going with the priciest option if you are really on a budget. On top of this, if you have already planned your trip well, why bother to spend that extra money just to secure your base ticket price? You will not get a refund of that additional fees you pay if you will never cancel the booking.


Almost similar to the option you will see while booking your flight tickets. Nevertheless, it’s all up to you how you decide for the trip. Enjoy the ferry adventure and stunning sight when you board the Cook Strait Ferry in New Zealand!






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