How To Compare Different Flight Search Engine And Pick The Best Deal

How To Compare Different Flight Search Engine & Pick The Best Deal
How To Compare Different Flight Search Engine & Pick The Best Deal


We all knew about the popular flight search engine like Momondo, Google Flight, Kayak, and Skyscanner that you could use to unearth cheap flight besides other options like Hipmunk, ChepOAir or even Expedia. But finding the right price and competitive deal has more than just typing in the flight route and clicking that search button.


The key to finding the best flight deal using one of the major search engines online lies upon how well we utilize many of the search function that these sites provide on their sites. Every site has its unique user interface, some have really useful filter function that some people not aware how they could benefit them on their flight search.


When using it right, the filter option on finding specific flight route will often land you with fairly competitive price deal that works out for most of your travel plan. Know the smart way how to find cheap flights with top search engine all at once. Every flight search engine digs different price range with flight booking sites.


Price v/s Flexibility


Price. That’s what most middle and low budget traveler looks first when comes to finding a good deal. Cheap price definitely favors everyone, but often, the cheapest deal won’t cut – it might either has a long flight duration with multiple stops or flight during an inapt time.


Not everyone like the hassle of grueling, long stop-over despite the cheap deal. And not to mention that flying with unknown airline company puts you in doubt about punctuality and possible flight delays.


Sometimes we can’t expect a cheap flight deal without trading in some mediocre service. After all, if you have no strict itinerary, don’t mind long stop-over and on a shoe-string budget, all this won’t matter to you at all. That’s for sure.


Plan Well & Prioritize Before Booking Your Flights


How To Compare Different Flight Search Engine And Pick The Best Deal
How To Compare Different Flight Search Engine And Pick The Best Deal


Prices vary could be for any reason, depends on the time of departure in certain weeks or months (demand), the number of stops, airline alliances, distance and possibly the climate condition as well. Alas, there is base price on every flight that we search which is always fixed.


Average Price & Best Month To Travel – All airline has a fixed base price before the tax and other surcharges on top of it. And if you notice, the price varies when you pick a specific date. Knowing them well is key to find the best deal online.


  •  One of the smart way before booking a flight –  to know first hand on the actual and average cost of flying in and out on a certain route. With this information in hand, you can evaluate if it’s worth paying for that price tag before hitting that pay now button at the booking site.

  • Once you know the average price, you can use this as a yardstick and compare this on the price chart at the flight search engine. Since flight prices can always fluctuate, and there are millions of flight booked in the past decade, nobody goes around and tells they had taken the cheapest flight flying on a certain route. Using a site like Hopper helps you calculate the average flight price for a specific route. 


Time of departure/Landing – Probably the first priority for anyone that travels and often can be a hard decision when you leave on short vacation. You need to ensure that you can reach the destination as per your travel itinerary without a hiccup.


Taking-off and landing at odd hours can be tiring and stressful. But some of the cheap flight is rated during this period. It’s your take.

If you have a travel tour on the same day or hotel check-in when you are landing, ensure you have sufficient time due to a flight delay.


Number of Stop-Over – Long haul flight often needs a stop-over, but we know that some airlines could go on a direct flight, depends on the flight route. Without stop-over can shorten your travel time but on the downside, you may face a terrible jet-lag or fatigue due to long, non-stop journey.


⦁ With and without stop-over, the price can vary differently. Generally, if there is more stop-over, the price could be less, but it’s not always the case if you transit with multiple airlines companies.

⦁ Sometimes booking a flight with stop-over means you have the time for quick rest and enjoy a better journey. See what’s best for you.



How I Find The Best Deal Using Top Flight Search Engine By Comparison


How To Compare Different Flight Search Engine And Pick The Best Deal
How To Compare Different Flight Search Engine And Pick The Best Deal


I use Momondo and Google Flight the most, Hopper (one of the best tool for price analysis) as well as other top search engines like Kayak and Skyscanner.


All this 4 search engine tracks some of the most competitive price and flight deal through a large pool of airline booking agent and narrows down it to your specific search.


When you come across every flight search engine there is one thing in common, the filter option based on flight duration, price range, type of airline, nearest airport and any other option that fits the preference.


What I usually do is not to stick around with only one search engine to find the best deal, in fact, I will compare it with other top search engines.


Also to keep in mind that some booking agent does not include baggage fees or tax in the search result, to take note while comparing.


Once I finalize my search, I compare the agent price with the actual airline provider which will convince me if I found the best deal yet. And for advanced flight booking, weeks or months ahead, I use price alert to watch the price changes before deciding to book the flight.


In this guide below, I will show you an example of one-way flight search, New York to Johannesburg (NY – JNB) and how to compare them before deciding the best deal.


Read further.



How To Compare Different Flight Search Engine All At Once & Pin Down The Best Deal


Step 1 – Know The Average Flight Cost For Any Route


How To Compare Different Flight Search Engine And Pick The Best Deal
Hopper is crowd-sourced flight search to find average flight cost


One of the smart method finding cheap flight is to know the actual or an average cost of flying on any route with no regards to the specific airline company. Because if your only goal is to find a cheap flight, finding what is the lowest fare ever purchased in previous time is the smart way to start.


If you already knew what will be the average price flying on a certain route, you can use this to compare while using the top search engine. But if you have no idea what is the average cost, the very first thing to do is to check the average flight cost at Hopper, this site is very useful to analyze the average cost of a flight – with their complex algorithm to crowd-source millions of booked flight database and provide you insight on the cheapest sale made in the past.



Step 2 – Compare Price Search On All Search Engine


Know all the top flight search engine. I suggest Momondo, Google Flight, Kayak and Skyscanner.


Open up the sites in new tab side by side.

How To Compare Different Flight Search Engine & Pick The Best Deal


In this example, I will be searching for flights from  New York to Johannesburg (NY – JNB). And in case that I don’t have a flexible date to choose. 


To narrow down the best search using filter option on the search engine, read on How To Narrow Down Best Search Using – Google Flight, Kayak, Skyscanner, and Momondo.


Say I picked the best deal (Ethiopian Airline) with an individual search engine, after comparing the number stops and flight duration (your preference could be different), and took note of the same airline and the time of departure.


Next, I compare the prices (same airline/time of departure) with other search engines;


Google Flight

How To Compare Different Flight Search Engine & Pick The Best Deal



How To Compare Different Flight Search Engine & Pick The Best Deal



How To Compare Different Flight Search Engine & Pick The Best Deal



How To Compare Different Flight Search Engine & Pick The Best Deal


Comparing Prices Between Search Engine (Same Airline & Time Of Departure)


Google Flight – $739

Skyscanner – $708

Momondo – $697

Kayak – $691 (cheapest)


Do you see the difference between Google Flight & Kayak despite the same airline and time of departure? For this very reason why you should not stick with only 1 or two search engine to look for the best deal.


Note: Some booking agent may not include the tax or baggage fees, to know if the price is the lowest from your comparison with all other search engines, proceed to the first check-out page to see the final price.


This is for search on a particular day and if you don’t have a flexible date. It can help you find the best deal. But if you are flexible on the date, any weeks on the months – Using Hopper to know the average price and using price graph to monitor the price would be a better way to catch a good deal.

So for this example, on the next step, use the price to compare directly from the airline booking system.



Step 3 –  Compare Directly With the Specific Airline Booking Site


Once you know the cheapest deal, compare this price directly from airline site.



How To Compare Different Flight Search Engine & Pick The Best Deal



Step 4 – Set up Price Alert & Monitor Price Graph


If the price doesn’t click,  set up a price alert and monitor the price changes until you could find close to the average flight price compared with Hopper. It possible price to drop or even rise at any time of the month.


All flight search engine has price alert option you can easily find on the site.


You can also check on Momondo and Google Flight Price Graph, come back and see if there any price changes. It is one of the best tool available on this two search engine. Also, try to check at the different time of the day.




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