3 Powerful Tricks For Cheap Flights with Google Flights Momondo Kayak and Skyscanner

3 Powerful Tricks For Cheap Flights with Google Flights, Momondo, Kayak and Skyscanner
3 Powerful Tricks For Cheap Flights with Google Flights, Momondo, Kayak and Skyscanner


Before the presence of online flight search engine decades ago, travel planning and finding cheaper flight for your next vacation can be quite troublesome, especially those on a very tight budget – with unpredictable flight fares, you could end up spending more purchasing directly with airline company or with tour agency for all your planned flight bookings.


But now, with many top search engines like Momondo, Google Flight, Kayak or Skyscanner, it has been a lot easier for you to manage your travel plan – you can book not just your flight but your hotel and also car rentals through this useful sites.


When it comes to flight search with travel search engine – particularly finding flights, I will utilize these three important options on the search engine that provides you a feasible option of finding the right deal according to my travel budget or plan.


With these 3 Simple Tricks, you can mesh out the best deal from the major engines.


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1. Include Nearby Airport Search


When you key in the departure airport location, include the nearby airport option. For example, if you are flying from New York; you can opt JFK (main), EWR, LGA as other option.


How this will benefit you: Its provides you with a cheaper option. Google Flight even reveals airport distance from the city. An alternative option.


♦ Google Flight ♦


 – click on the cross sign for the drop-down list of nearby airportHow To Compare Different Flight Search Engine & Pin Down The Best Deal

 – view the detailed list of airport name, price, and distance from a city



♦ Momondo ♦


-check the “include nearby airport” below the search bar


-Alternatively, scroll down and look on the left tab for Origin Airports/Destination Airports filter list (you can see the price difference here)



♦ Skyscanner ♦


-check the “add nearby airport” below the search bar



♦ Kayak ♦


-check the “include nearby airport” below the search bar




2. Filter by the Number of Stops


Using all the top search engine you can filter based on a number of stops, which allows you an option based on the number of stops, or in another case – the flexibility to choose stop-over, you probably need to buy more time to reach next destination, just because the price could be cheaper. Or in some cases, direct flights could be even cheaper than flights with a stop-over.


How this will benefit you: Filtering by a number of stops helps you decide between flight duration and provides cheaper flight option.


♦ Google Flight ♦



♦ Momondo ♦



♦ Skyscanner ♦




♦ Kayak ♦




3. Analyse Price Graph & Set Price Alert



Price Alert is one of the most key features to track price changes on future flights and best used if you have planned departure weeks or months in advance. You can simply opt-in an email notification on price changes for specific flight search.


How this will benefit you: Flight prices in weeks or months in advance can significantly change over the time – Checking the price graph if you have already planned for your future travels in particular month, don’t just buy them yet, get notification by email for a particular 


♦ Google Flight ♦

-you could find the lowest price on the calendar on any time of the month



-If you have a short travel itinerary, you can find cheaper option using the Flexible dates chart (Departure & Return)


-or check on the Price Graph for the whole year



♦Momondo ♦


– also in Momondo you can find the price chart on the top of the search page


-Click on the Flight Insight, one of the best parts of Momondo to analyze a plethora of information about your particular search.

-Check on the 4 information regarding price & airline for that specific route.


The Smart Way Using Flight Search Engine


Using these three powerful options in the search engine can greatly assist you finding the best deal for your next planned travel. These are the smart way of using the flight search to find the right deal that works for everyone.


If you have read my full article on finding cheap flights, you will learn how to use some of the best flight tool available that can half your effort to find cheap flights online and use miles or rewards program to earn cheap flights.


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