Cheap Flight Hacks To Use Before Your Next Take Off

Cheap Flight Hacks To Use Before Your Next Take Off
Cheap Flight Hacks To Use Before Your Next Take Off


We all knew that when it comes to flight cost, it is going to be the biggest fraction of the money we need to spend on after the accommodation. Some people accrue air miles to fly cheaper or even free – with specific credit card sign-up or shopping with affiliated business, but there is no foolproof way to snowball your air miles without spending a single cent.


Everything comes with a price.


However, getting a cheap flight is definitely possible and NOT using the opportunity is like leaving the money on the table. You won’t be rich by saving money from these hacks – but hey, who doesn’t like the idea of finding cheap deals?


 5 Simple Hacks That Helps Your Travel Budget


We will see what’s the most basic hack first, (some of us already know) and then take to the next level with the advanced hacks that most people don’t know.


Read further.



1. Early Flight Booking Months Before the Trip


 Cheap Flight Hacks To Use Before Your Next Take Off


This is the most basic and universal method to get a cheap flight. It requires a good planning. You will save on expensive flights when booked early in advance like months before your trip.



2. Know the Top Flight Search Engine To Get The Best Deal


There is many flight search aggregator out there, but these four search engine below is the best in my opinion.


You can filter out the best options based on your budget – and you don’t have to book your flights directly with the airline; another method finding cheap flights.




This flight search aggregator from Google is one of the best that I use often. Easy navigation, comes with price tracking alert which notifies me when there is a change.





Skyscanner is also my favorite search engine and you can find a really good deal here sometimes. It is a simple and user-friendly flight search option.





Kayak is also another popular flight search engine that you can use as an alternative to finding cheap flights. Easy and user-friendly.






Momondo is a top rated flight search engine by many travel agent and has one of the best user interfaces to navigate and comes with price analysis chart, just like google flight which makes it one of the top search engines ever made.


Learn The Best Way To Compare Flight Deals With Search Engines


I use all the search engine listed above to find cheap flights. But I don’t stick around with only one search engine. If you just use one search engine to find the cheapest flights, you would probably be doing the wrong way.


Because the cheapest one could have irregular stop-over or be the longest flight. Sometimes it can be the other way around. Shortest flight with the cheapest price. It all depends on how we use all the filter option provided on the sites.


Since all three of them has competitive price deal breaker, what is the best way to compare and choose the best deal?


Read my article on: How to Compare Different Flight Search Engine in a Smart Way



3. Sign up with Top Airlines Alliances and Use their Air Miles Rewards Program


Cheap Flight Hacks To Use Before Your Next Take Off
Cheap Flight Hacks To Use Before Your Next Take Off


Signing up with the major airline’s rewards program has an advantage. Airline Alliances is a network of major airlines that works together for seamless travel option between different airline companies in the same travel route.


These air miles program also gives you the chances to earn Air Miles from purchases made from your credit/debit cards. Works better when you use particular travel credit/debit cards that earn you more rewards (country specific).


Three major airlines alliances in the world that you can use accrue miles and use them with the alliances;






Flying Between Different Airlines? How To Manage The Points in One Place?


When you fly with different airlines and had your points scattered across difference alliances, what do you do? There is a way you can manage all your Airmiles in one place and you can even transfer to other Airlines Reward Program within the same Alliances – all at one site, without having to create and manage your Airmiles accounts at individual airline sites.


It sounds better, isn’t? – You can track your points balance, compare or transfer all at one place.


How do you do it?  Award Wallet is the answer.



4. Use Airline Fare Tracking Tools for Cheap Flights


These are two of my favorite flight information and tracking tools aside to Google Flights or Momondo – they work great to monitor price changes.



Use Airline Fare Tracking Tools for Cheap Flights


For flight search and tracking – works like an encyclopedia with comparison tool for different aircraft system and book flights with seating reservation option.


Get their app here:


GoogleApp   I     iOS



  • Airfarewatchdog

Cheap Flight Hacks To Use Before Your Next Take Off
Opt for low price alert to your preferred destination or from the place of departure


A clean site that lists all the airfares from the airline sites. This site is mainly for flights departing from the United States. They have the fare watcher alert to track price changes and sent the notification to you.


Cheap Flight Hacks To Use Before Your Next Take Off
Get a hindsight of best month to travel 


Get their app here:




5. Find Cheaper Flights While Holding Reservation & Free 24-hour Flight Cancellation Policy (U.S Only)


Cheap Flight Hacks To Use Before Your Next Take Off
Cheap Flight Hacks To Use Before Your Next Take Off


American has the most consumer-friendly policy allowing them to cancel the flight within 24 hours before the flights.


Six of US’s largest airline provides you with this great option.


Check each airline below for the details on how to get a refund by the 24-hour cancellation policy:








No fares are ever charged for the reservation that is made even a week before the flight. As we know, prices can fluctuate within a week or if you ever change your mind – this option saves your dollars from going down the drain.



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