How To Get Cheapest Car Rental For Road Trips in Europe, US, Canada and Oceania

# How To Get Cheapest Car Rental For Road Trips in Europe, US, Canada and Oceania


In my last article, I have explained about finding free car rental in New Zealand that you can use for the road trip. What about in another part of the world? I have got another way to search similar relocation service, starts as low as $1 per day and it’s available in Europe, USA, Canada & Australia. By relocating car as low as $1 per day you save hundreds of dollars of other costs to rent a car while on your holiday or vacation.


By using the car relocation service you can fulfill your travel itinerary in a cheaper way and avoid paying costly car rental direct to the companies. However, there is one problem. Finding a good car relocation service from most rental sites usually, put you in a long waiting list and often there won’t be any vehicle to rent. You end up not getting any car for relocation.


This is why I have come up with some websites that have relocation cars readily available for rent and it is also updated regularly.


The process are pretty simple and straightforward, all the approvals are made online and do not require you to provide a physical proof of identity when making a booking request. It is only required when you request to pick up the vehicle at the rental office.


Some of the relocation routes provide the similar perks like free full tank fuel, unlimited mileage, and reimbursement of the ferry cost.



Using Transfercar US for Relocation



Just like the Transfer Car NZ, You may use the Transfer Car US specifically in the US & Canada to find the best and cheapest car relocation service in the region. The listing for Canada is pretty common on this site though you could also find some cheap rental in the U.S region.


If you are planning a road trip across the states, this will be a good option to save plenty of money on campervans or cars. You could possibly save money if the travel route similar to that relocation route of this rental cars. On top of this, you could even relocate trucks in some region!


Common Travel Route (Canada)


For Canada, there is limited relocation route available, but most the relocation is from major cities. 2 common routes are:


  • Toronto – Vancouver


  • Halifax – Toronto


One of the best thing for this relocation service in Canada is that almost all the listings come with free fuel for the entire trip of relocation. Basically, you don’t need to fork out any money on the fuel cost.


Find your Cheapest Road Trip in Canada or U.S



International Search – Europe, U.S , Canada, Oceania



If Transfer Car US, not enough for you to search the best and the cheapest rental for your road trip, there is another site that lists all the cheap rental, not just U.S and Canada, but also for Europe, U.K, Australia and New Zealand.


You could find rental cars from as low as $1 each day for relocation from major cities. Some relocation comes with fuel inclusion which is a definite advantage when you look for the cheapest deal.


Find your Cheapest Road Trip in Europe, U.S, Canada or Oceania




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