Hi – My name is Devin Das. I’m a multilingual blogger with passion in travels and constantly seeks meaningful life for experiences over possessions.


I have great interest about volcanoes around the world, a flawless and a unique creation of Mother Earth.


In late 2014, I scaled one of the decade volcano in Java. Watching the sun rising from the horizon from above 3000m from the ground made me speechless. It’s one of most the magnificent thing I had seen in my life.


Traveling has influenced me so much that I created this site and start writing about my experiences – a travel library of my own.


My goal here is to inspire you through my travels – Break free from your comfort zone, seek challenges in life through traveling and explore places you have never been.


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Travel Inspired Me in Different Ways


The travel fever kicked in way back during my solo backpacking in Indonesia, a couple of years ago.


Since then, I was hooked for more backpacking adventure and realize it’s best to do in a hardcore way (budget-backpacking) and in some cases to go ultra- budget!


Why? You will admire places away from a tourist’s eyes, eating exotic foods – not the one you could always find in your neighborhood, freedom to wander as long you want (no tour guide to set your time) – and best of all, to befriend with locals and peoples from different facets of life.


Backpacking in this nature had me some of the unusual experience along the way –  like Hitchhiking Coast to Coast alone or Experiencing a 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake that horrified me while traveling in New Zealand.


While it sounds like taking an unworthy risk, you will never get such experience while traveling like a tourist.


Having said that, backpacking may not me favorable for some, but I believe you should do this at least once in your lifetime – because, traveling like local reveals you the unbeaten paths!


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What Travel Means To Me


Without any doubt, TRAVEL is what interest me more than anything else, I had this wanderlust since my very first backpacking back in 2013.


People may travel on a short trip, be it for work or a quick escape from the cubicle to experience the world.


For me – I do it a bit longer because it gives me the great sense of freedom to explore more in one place and learn life experiences that I embrace along the way, and I think it’s just priceless.


How this Site Will Benefit You


I am no Master of Everything. But whatever I learn, I document here.


Other people awakened me and shared their inspiring journey, and I’m giving back the same way.


For me, knowledge is meant to be shared with others. All my travel resources will be updated on this site for your reference.


Subscribing to my email list will put you first hand to receive the updates from my personal experiences.  It also helps me to get to know you better as the reader.


I hope my travel experiences, beneficial tips, and other useful resources will inspire or help you decide on your next travel goal.


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